Breakfast in Thailand

Breakfast in Thailand
A typical Thai breakfast includes rice congee, skewered grilled meat and Thai omelets.

Thai Breakfast Delights: 7 Popular Dishes to Start Your Day

Thai breakfast culture is unique and differs significantly from Western breakfast habits. In Thailand, the lines between breakfast, lunch, and dinner is blurred.
The same dishes could be served at any meal, and Thais often enjoy multiple small meals throughout the day.
Thai breakfasts are typically savory and hearty, featuring ingredients such as eggs, pork, sticky rice, and spring onions. Tea and coffee, much like in Western cultures, are popular accompaniments to these meals.


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7 popular Thai Breakfast Dishes

    1. Joke - Congee Joke, a rice porridge dish, is one of the most popular Thai breakfast options. Originating from China, where it's known as congee, this dish is enjoyed in many Asian countries.
      This savory porridge is made with glutinous rice, served plain or topped with spring onions, minced pork, and raw or partially cooked eggs. Joke is a comforting meal to enjoy during the winter months, often regarded as the preferred breakfast during Thailand's cool season. It is also available as instant joke soup pots, offering a time-saving way to enjoy this breakfast in a range of flavors.

Thai satay
Moo ping (หมูปิ้ง) are little skewers of grilled pork.
    1. Khao Neow Moo Ping - Grilled Pork with Sticky Rice Moo Ping, or Grilled Pork, is a street food snack that is also a popular Thai breakfast dish. This delicious dish consists of tender grilled pork skewers marinated with milder Thai flavoring such as coriander root, pepper, and garlic.
      An alternative option to the grilled pork is crispy Gai yang, or grilled chicken. It comes accompanied by sticky rice and flavorful sauces, creating a satisfying meal to kickstart your day.

    2. Patongo - Thai Style Donuts For those with a sweet tooth, Thailand offers its own version of breakfast donuts known as Patongo (Pa-Ton-Go).
      These are deep-fried strips of dough, golden and crispy, which are lightly salted and often dipped in sweetened condensed milk or regular/soy milk blended with sugar.

    3. Khao Khai Jiao - Thai Omelet with steamed Rice Khai Jiao, or Thai omelet, is a familiar breakfast choice with a unique Thai twist. Thai omelets are usually seasoned with fish sauce, spring onions, and optional minced pork or chicken, are deep-fried in vegetable oil until golden and crispy.
      They are typically served with classic steamed rice and flavorful sauces like ketchup, Sriracha sauce or spicy fish sauce.

Thai breakfast
Thai Traditional coffee shop
  1. Khanom Pang Na Moo - Thai Fried Bread with Minced Pork Khanom Pang Na Moo, or Thai Fried Bread with Minced Pork, is a popular finger food recipe among Thai families and a widespread breakfast option in Thailand. It’s light, crispy, and full of savory pork flavor.

  2. Khao Tom – Rice Soup Khao Tom is a basic Thai dish, commonly enjoyed for breakfast. This thick rice soup typically contains pieces of chicken or pork balls along with coriander, lemongrass, and other herbs.

  3. Tom Luad Moo - Pork Blood Soup A beloved Thai breakfast item, Tom Luad Moo, stands out on this list as a renowned morning dish.
    This soup, consisting of boiled pork blood along with various pork parts like intestines, liver, and lungs, lives up to its name. It's a simple, pork-flavored soup that can be customized with chili or vinegar for added taste. Typically served with rice, it's a hearty morning option.




Thai Breakfast Beverages

Similar to Western breakfast customs, tea and coffee take the spotlight as the preferred beverage companions for meals in Thailand.
Whether you opt for a freshly brewed Western-style coffee or tea, or explore local-style beverages, there's a variety to choose from. Thai tea, also referred to as Cha-yen, boasts a bold, sweet, and creamy profile, commonly enjoyed served over ice.

Thai coffee, known as Oliang, is a robust, sweet black coffee that can be savored either hot or over ice. Nam Tao Hoo (Soy Milk) Nam Tao Hoo is a warm, comforting soy-based drink served like a soup. Sugar, jelly ingredients, or basil seeds are often added to the hot soy milk for taste and texture. This light beverage is very soothing, making it a popular breakfast choice.

Regional Variations

Khao Soi
Khao Soi is traditionally eaten for breakfast in Thailand

Thailand's diverse regions contribute their unique twists to breakfast, showcasing the country's culinary diversity.

Southern Flavors:
Roti and Curry, Dim Sum A favored morning option in southern Thailand is "Roti," a delicate, flaky bread paired with an array of curries, reflecting the fusion of Indian and Malay flavors that create a spicy and delicious breakfast experience.
Additionally, dim sum, tracing its roots to China, is a prevalent breakfast dish in this region. These bite-sized dumplings, filled with shrimp, tofu, mushroom, and steamed chicken, are served alongside a dipping sauce.

Northern Specialties:
Khao Soi and Sticky Rice The north boasts "Khao Soi," a flavorful coconut-based curry soup served with egg noodles, and "Khao Neow" (sticky rice) paired with grilled meats or spicy dips, providing a hearty and filling start to the day.

Northeast’s Favorite:
Kai Krata (Fried egg served on pan) In Northeast Thailand, Kai Krata stands out as a beloved breakfast choice, comprising sunny side up eggs, moo-yor sausage, Chinese pork sausage, mini pork sausages, tomato, and toast complemented by the fiery flavor of Sriracha sauce.

Bangkok's Street Food: Extravaganza
Bangkok, the bustling capital, offers a diverse array of street food for breakfast enthusiasts. From noodle soups like "Kuay Teow" to grilled meats served with rice, Bangkok's street vendors present a feast for the taste buds. A satisfying breakfast not only fills your stomach but also enriches your cultural experience in a foreign land. So, when in Thailand, eat like the Thais do!

Happy Eating!