Sweet Chilli Wings

Easy | Mild | 30 min | x3

Sticky Thai chicken wings glazed with a sticky sweet chilli sauce infused with authentic Thai flavours. A flawless balance of sweet, salty with a hint of spice.


Sweet Chilli Wings ingredients
Chicken wings 500g
Light soy sauce 1 Tbsp
 Oyster sauce 1 Tbsp
Coconut sugar 1 tsp
Thai mix spices 1 Tbsp
Sweet chilli sauce 200ml
Sriracha sauce 2 Tbsp
Wheat flour 100g
Honey 100ml
Coriander leaves 1 bunch


Sweet Chilli Wings

Season the chicken wings

Place chicken wings in a large mixing bowl. Add light soy sauce and oyster sauce. Mix well.

Sweet Chilli Wings

Add the flour

Add wheat flour and Thai mix spices. Mix well.

Sweet Chilli Wings

Deep fry the chicken wings

In a pan deep fry the chicken wings (shake off the excess flour) for about 10 minutes until golden brown. Drain the cooked wings on paper towels to absorb any excess oil that may still be clinging to them.

Sweet Chilli Wings

Prepare the glaze

In a pan pour sweet chilli sauce, honey and sriracha sauce. Simmer on low-medium heat, until the sauce bubbles up and begins to thicken (it should take about 5 minutes).

Sweet Chilli Wings

Coat the chicken wings

Pour the glaze over the wings and toss to coat evenly.

Sweet Chilli Wings

Plate your dish

Place chicken wings on a plate. Sprinkle with fresh chopped coriander.